Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daddy and boy

So many men, so many fantasies!

Public and private personas can swing wildly from one interest to another -- in person and especially online. This is my place to share some of my... shall we say, less refined?... other interests from days gone by...

Look at these two -- taller/shorter, darker/lighter, older/younger(in dreams, anyway) -- I love these kinds of contrasts. Daddy and boy, what a fantasy!


  1. allow me to be the first... I dig it!! This is the stuff Ive been searchin for!!! More, more, more!!

  2. ahhhh vintage Daddy & Boy real nice ;)

  3. you said a mouthful, Daddy/Boy vintage is the best! LOVE your blog, cant wait for more posts!

  4. Where have they all gone, those boys of the 80's and early 90's. The Vince Cobrettis,

    Trey Tempests, the Sparky O'Tooles etc. Dripping sex, hotter in their subdued ways than those Champion Studios or present day muscle bound dudes. Why don't more of them show up in sites like this one? Jon of Vermont